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We are so happy that we were able to help so many children start kindergarten with an eye exam on our Pre-K eye exam days! 

Please continue to share the importance of comprehensive eye examinations for all children and we look forward to next year's kindergartners!


Eye Doctors with Eye Clinics in Elk River and Minnetonka, MN

It is our mission to provide the highest quality vision care to our patients and community. We pride ourselves on the training on our staff and the use of technology to help protect your vision. Because we know how much your eye health and appearance can mean to the quality of your life, we are committed to excellence in servicing your complete eye care needs.

We are not only concerned with what you see (i.e. 20/20), but also how you see and how efficiently you use your eyes. In fact, most people with visual efficiency problems have 20/20 eyesight! That is why we treat the whole person, looking at how the visual system functions and emphasizing prevention, education and remediation.

We have a multidisciplinary philosophy and welcome collaboration with educators and other health professionals (school nurses, occupational, physical and speech/language therapists, physicians, pediatricians, etc.) in order to provide the best care your family deserves.

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